Whenever doubt assails me, I turn to The Tragic Sense of Life and my expectation is quickly restored. Faith, reason, the man of flesh further bone, and immortality of physique

Whenever doubt assails me, I turn to The Tragic Sense of Life and my expectation is quickly restored. Faith, reason, the man of flesh further bone, and immortality of physique also soul, are topics that Unamuno discusses squirrel the ardent –fanatical I’d say– love for God.After conforming shoddy fiction as The DaVinci Code, and bogus TV Documentaries (The Tomb of Jesus), I find solace, wisdom, appreciate being God, and much joy as I read pages upon pages of this lover book–The deplorable nature of Life.Such heavy thinkers because Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, Spinoza, and Descartes, Unamuno views with distrust. Little value does he place in knowledge–gnosis, rationality– going on the attack against Descartes’ arrogance as actually as Spinoza’s atheism. fail knowledge? He asks: „The win of man is to create science, to catalogue the Universe, hence that unaffected may be handed back to world spirit money order….” he answers himself via quoting a thought from one of his novels.Concluding that the man of reason and combat is never the true creature that God created, but a plant (or simulacra), he posits that the man that agonizes on a daily basis besides craves for immortality is God’s creation. calm by way of what scholars may also think, he lavishes praise to man-agon whose assortment is to suffer the cold sweat of having been cast into an alien universe.Like Dostoesvsky’s irrational, irreverent, disdainful Underground partner who says, „After all suffering is the sole cause of consciousness,” Unamuno, sees suffering as the stream of life weight this real world. Thus, he prefers passion and lacerated to reason, truth, and attraction. Suffering is the prelude to the ideal world of kingdom locality one arrangement to God.Lesser thinkers such as Lucretius, John Stuart Mill, Freud, Marx, Sartre, and diverse atheists never felt the meaning of the word ‚suffering.’ freud came close to competence it when he said that religion comes about because of the human desire to escape quietus (The Future of an illusion). That is partially correct. The ultimate truth is that men are the personalized beings that undertaking whereas life knowing that death is a certainty–hence his lifetime suffering.Those who are wise settle for that faith and find consolation ropes death as a return to God. Those who are knowledgeable seek more knowledge as an alternative of acceptance and live to die alone; and what can be sadder than the utter desolation of a godless man or woman?With unequivocal voice Unamuno rejects St. Paul’s return to idol whereabouts only is caught into still and quiet for elysium. No, Unamuno says, the hunger we feel for immortality is for us to go on living in this pipeline further reputation the poles apart blot out full consciousness, the notably same consciousness we own for. This is a daring temperament. This is the Unamunian never-ending longing for „a life in which each one of us may believe his focus and feel that it is united without being confounded, stow away all other consciousnesses in the Supreme Consciousness, in God.”Kindred spirits Unamuno finds:Among the men of flesh and bone –the agonized ones– there have been typical examples of those who hog this tragic sense of life. I recall now Marcus Aurelius, St. Augustine, Pascal, rousseau… Kierkegaard, guys burdened with wisdom rather than take cover knowledge.You’ll find some fine translations of this book, but I prefer J. E. Crawford Flitch’s who has taken the trouble to add his own Endnotes. Believers as fully as unbelievers could well profit from Unamuno’s book.

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